I Actually Ate Out

Ok, wow.  This never happens.  I actually did not technically eat at a restaurant, but M and I did get some Chinese food t o go on Christman Eve.  It was actually really good, and I would love to be able to replicate the stir frys.  M got a cabbage egg roll and a shiitake and bok choy stir fry.  I got a bowl of soup with a few veggies floating in it, with a tofu stir fry with baby corn, green bell pepper, onion, and broccoli.  Like I said, it was really good.  I would just be scared to know how unhealthy that food was compared to my ususal cooking.  That's the one big thing that I hate about restaurants - it's so unhealthy.  But I have never been able to figure out hew to replicate the thick brown sauce that restaurants seem to be so good at, and would love to be able to. 
The other thing that almost turned into a crisis was that I forgot to tell the restaurant people I wanted brown rice, so I had white rice staring me in the face when I opened up the box.  Luckily, there was some brown rice already made in the fridge, and I ate that.  Still, I think waitresess should offer brown of white rice, becasue those of us health-concious people are mortally afraid of white rice.  At least I am.

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