Stir Fry

It's another stir fry...

Veggies: carrots, onion, broccoli
Sauce: soy sauce, sugar free maple syrup, mirin, hoisin sauce, corn starch
Brown rice...
And the best part:  the Tofu Cube!  I got the giant deep fried tofu cubes from the Asian Market.  Then I cut an X in the tops and stuffed them with...
Stir fried spinach and garlic with 2 slices of ginger that were removed, mixed with a bit of hoisin sauce.

Add the tofu cubes once the veggies are done cooking, when you add the sauce.  They will heat through.  And they are so much fun to eat!  (I took bites out of my cube without cutting it... M cut hers.  Typical.)

Adapted from my new favourite blog, WTHDAVEA

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