Lentil Loaf

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Loaf adapted from here.

Ok, so this one is rather complex… soak and cook 1 cup dried green lentils, then mash.  Toast ¼ cup chopped walnuts.  Saut√© 1 cup chopped onion, garlic, a couple green onions, and 1 medium grated carrot.  Mix together 1 tbsp ground flax seed with ½ cup warm water.  Then all of these things get mixed in a pan, along with vegetarian chicken bullion, 1/3 cup applesauce, ¼ cup raisins, ½ cup cranberries, lots of dried thyme, 1/3 cup oat flour, and ¾ cup breadcrumbs.  All of this went in a loaf pan and was baked at 350 for 45 minutes.  The sauce on top was a mixture of ketchup, syrup, and balsamic vinegar.

I have to say that the first night I had this, it was not that great.  But I didn't bake it for the full 45 minutes - so that's esential to success.  Secondly, I like the outside bits the best because they were the crispiest, so I would maybe try spreading out the loaf in a thinner layer to get more crust and less inside. I'm pretty sure with these changes, this would be really yum.

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