What's Up Wednesday #7

Meh.  Sorry I wasn't blogging much last week... work just has me exhausted!  On both Thursday and Friday, I worked out in the morning for an hour, ate breakfast, went to volunteer at a food pantry for 3 hours, then went straight to work from 11.30 to 3... then I got to come home and make lunch... and cook dinner for M and I about an hour later.  And then Saturday was workout for 2 hours and work for 4.5 hours... yeah, that's why I've been MIA for the past few days.  Not to say I haven't been enjoying myself, I've just been too tired to blog!
But I'm back, now... for another week.  Then I'm off for a vacation - I'm so excited!  I'll be doing college visits/touristy stuff, so I'll see how that goes.  Lots of vegan eats where I'm going, so that shouldn't be hard.  But I can't not cook for an entire WEEK.  I mean, I am going to DIE.  ;)

Anyhoo, enough about my troubles...

Interesting two sentence article.  Totally made me laugh...

And I've decided to try to use fresh instead of canned tomatoes.  We'll see how long that lasts... but the principle is fairly simple.  You core the tomato, then cut a shallow X in the bottom of it, just to break the skin.  Dunk it in boiling water for ~45 seconds to loosen the skin, and voila - it comes right off!  Then you cut into fourths, work out the core/seeds with your hands, and plop them in your blender (Mr.V!).  Blend until desired consistency is reached - I made 'crushed' tomatoes, and used them in soup.  I could actually taste a very suttle difference.

Lemon banana pancakes! Used a flax egg, bananas in place of blueberries, regular stevia extract, and applesauce instead of oil. Comes out to around 280 calories for the entire recipe, and it's mighty big, my friends!

Have you heard of the new cookbook Vegan a la Mode?  It looks FAB.  And I really want it!  There's a giveaway for it over on Averie Cooks... and if you win, can we share? ;)

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