Corned "Beef" Stew plus Setian

Yay St. Patrick's Day!

First up, the stew is adapted from Vegan Appetite... I made the seasoning mix down at the bottom of the page, omitting the yellow mustard seeds and subbing nutmeg for the cardamom.  Then I used Vegan Dad's fabulous sausage recipe for the setian, adding in 2 tbsp of the seasoning mix, and using mirin in place of the oil; the dough was shaped into 3 large patties and wrapped in foil, then steamed for 40 minutes.  The stew was 2 chopped leeks, lots of carrots, and about 3 cups chopped green cabbage all sauteed together.  I added 3 cups tomato sauce, 2 tbsp vegetable bouillon, 5 chopped red potatoes, 1 scant cup beer, 1 tbsp caraway seeds and 1 tbsp tamari.  It was rounded off with 2 tbsp of the seasoning blend and 2 cups soaked white beans.  I added a corn starch slurry to thicken, and served it with the setian.

Super flavourful!

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