Mushrooms and Spinach over Rice

Oi.  So, please tell me WHY I work out for an hour every day and the state still mandates that I be in PE.  Seriously.  It's so dumb. 
Anyway, I'm NO good at sports, I just like to work out.  Sheesh!  We started tennis yesterday, I have no clue how to play tennis (!)... so my wrists hurt like crap... my left hand is really having a hard time typing right now.  Argh.  Seriously.  Why do I have to take the stupid subject?
Although, it does allow me to eat just a wee bit more in the evenings, which is pretty much the only good thing... more yummies for me!

Adapted from Oh She Glows

Saute chopped onion, garlic, and mushrooms until tender.  Toss in some spinach (washed, destemmed, and torn), fresh chopped rosemary, nooch, soy sauce, corn starch + water, and home made veggie broth powder.  Add enough water to make it a gravy-type thing, simmer for a few minutes until thick, and serve over rice.  Simple but A-Mazing!

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