Potato Soup

Potato soup = time for winter.  I was so excited - today it was dark out when I left school.  Cooooolest thing evah!  Seriously.

Ahaha, look at me, I'm yawning as I type... good thing I don't have any homework tonight.  :)  My school is having a pep rally tomorrow, and it seems like we never get homework.  Even in AP classes.  Go figure... whatever.  I ain't complaining!

Adapted from 86 Lemons

Veggies: carrot, onion, celery
Seasonings: home made veggie broth powder, liquid smoke, paprika, nooch
Other: broth was 1/2 soy milk and 1/2 water, thickened with corn starch slurry.  Added seitan...
And blended 1/3 of the soup just a bit to make it creamier.  Yuuummmmy!

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