Sweets: Cookies, Pudding, and Pizzert!

Yum!  I have been doing a lot of sweet cooking/baking recently, as well as normal cooking.  I don't really have any recipes, but I'll just post a list of links.

First up, the Pizzert.  Can I say HOW AMMAZINNNGGGGGG this is?  It's FABULOUS.  Like, I think I will be having this for breakfast for the next few weeks.  Yeah.  It's good.  By Chocolate Covered Katie, the genius for sweets.  Each pizzert will come out to ~250 calories, toppings added in.  It's a lot of food for 250 calories ;)
So far I have made cinnamon + banana + chocolate chips ; cinnamon + banana + pepita;

Secondly, I made Chocolate Covered Katie's Cookie Dough Balls, which were gooood as well.  I followed the recipe to a t, only adding stevia and omiting the sprinkles (the only ones I saw had partially hydrogenated oils... boo hoo)

Lastly, I made HHL's Peanut Butter Banana Pudding.  Yes, it's tofu based.  Yes, it tastes awesome.  No, you can't taste the tofu.  At all.  Seriously.  I made a half batch, used PB2, sugar free maple syrup, and a splash of soy milk.  Blend it all together, and mmm mmmmm.  Yum, high protein puddin'!

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