Is it pretty?


Did it taste really good, MUCH better than expected?


Adapted from Eating Well

Sauteed carrots, garlic, and onion, then soaked pinto beans.. followed by lotsa water, nooch, sumac, a few dried herbs, veggie chicken bouillon.  Added in whole wheat linguine, torn/stemmed spinach, corn starch slurry, and setian.  Served with a large dollop of pesto (subbing mirin for the olive oil, and adding sunflower seeds to thicken)
This was super good - it kind of reminds me of restaurant wedding soup!  I've been wanting to recreate this flavour for a while, but this totally happened by accident.

PS - I might get a Vitamix soon!
PPS - I totally cut my finger reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally badly on my immersion blender today.  Was trying to clean the blade out, and then I accidentally pushed the button to make the blade spin.  OOOUCH!

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