What's Up Wednesday #2

Gingerbread Cookie Oatmeal.  That's right. So sweet!  A combination of Bottomless Oatmeal and Gingerbread Oatmeal (minus the molasses, lots of sugar free maple syrup, no coconut, steiva)

Been reading a good book: They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie. It's nice to actually read a book again, since I've been so busy with school work :D

I made these coconut flour sandwich thins (with guar gum and no nooch)!  Since the bread that I've been using had milk in the ingredients list (!) I knew I had to switch.  So, then I stumbled onto Foodie Fiasco - and WOW what a fabulous blog!  So many low-cal, healthy things.  Anyway, the sandwiches were super good.  Although, next time, I would make 8 pieces instead of 4, and then there would be no need to cut them in half. (UPDATE: I did make the 8 pieces yesterday, and it worked marvelously!)

Pineapple-Orange Setian - using oatmeal for the soy flour, mirin for the olive oil, and leaving out the nooch.  So, it was quite an ordeal to get this cooked!  First, I steamed it for 30 minutes.  It was still undone, so I baked it at 350 for 15 minutes.  Then I had it in a stir fry, but it was still super gummy.  the next day, I cut it into thin strips and grilled it on my panini press, and now it's OK! ;)  Next time, I would just steam it for 45 minutes and then grill it.  THAT should be muuuuch easier!

I've been enjoying this sandwich for lunch, on the sandwich thins that I made, with the Pineapple Orange Setian.

Super yummy salad dressing, a great way to use up that tomato paste in the fridge! ;)
(Of course with lots of changes: tomato paste for sauce, added LOTS of mirin, cider vinegar for the tarragon vinegar [have any of you ever seen this? I sure haven't], onion powder not juice, and Italian herbs in stead of dill)

And here's an interesting link that vegnews posted on facebook, in case you didn't read it: how being vegan saves water too!  Wow, we're sooo good! ;)
Ok, so another VegNews story.  Gross, or interesting?  You decide!

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