Low-Calorie Ice Cream

So, I found Chocolate Covered Katie's blog a few weeks ago, and have been polking around it ever since.  It's fun to look at the pretty desserts...
Last Saturday I tried making her Voluminous Ice Cream recipe, and it didn't turn out all that great - it was all crystalized.  Then, last night I made it again.  Weeee!  It worked... and the best part was, I got a whole cup of ice cream for 40 calories.  Not bad, right? ;)
Not to mention this takes about 7 minutes total to throw together.  Essentially, you mix together 1 cup soy milk - I used Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla (don't use Silk almond milk, that's what I did the first time when it turned out bad) -, 1/4 tsp something extract - I used coconut because that's what I have but Katie calls for vanilla -, 1/16 tsp salt, and a sweetener.  The sweetener can be stevia, agave, sugar, whatever.  And then you can add in cocoa powder or whatever flavouring you want.  I also tossed in a bit of banana, just as an experiment.  After all that is mixed you freeze it, then blend it REALLY REALLY well.  I used an immersion blender, which worked fine; Katie used her VitaMix.  Either way, just blend until super smooth.  Refreeze for a few minutes, and then indulge in healthy ice cream.  Pile with toppings...

Sorry, no pictures.. my camera was out of batteries.  But Katie has some really nice ones. 

Yes.  THIS REALLY WORKS AND TASTES LIKE LEGIT ICE CREAM.  BELIEVE IT.  1 CUP ICE CREAM = 40 CALORIES.  It's probably less that $.50 per cup, as well.  :D

Update: Here's a picture..

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