Roasted Potatoes, Green Beans, Tofu, Wine Sauce

So, M asked me what we're having for dinner.  I said "this fancy thing" and she was like "What's that supposed to mean?"  Well, here's this fancy thing...

Adapted from WTHDAVEA

Roast fingerling potatoes, green beans, and garlic.  Cut a slit in a large fried tofu cube and stuff a clove or two of roasted garlic in there, and then pop the tofu in the oven to heat it.
Saute 2 cups sliced crimini mushrooms, and set aside.  In a saucepan, saute 2 chopped shallots until brown, then add 1 tbsp flour.  Stir in 2 cups white wine, slowly, until all the wine is added.  Add veggie bouillon, pepper, 1/4 cup tomato sauce, a bit of butter extract, and Italian seasoning.  Simmer until slightly thickened, and add the mushrooms to the sauce.
Serve the roasted thingies, and ladel the sauce over all.

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