Oregano Quinoa Soup

Oh, yeah... I chose the best day to make soup!

Hottest day this week... 108.  You've GOT to be kidding, right?

Bleck.  Oh, well.  I needs my soup.  ;)

(This BURSTED with oreganoy-goodness!  I literally whacked off about 20 stems from my plant.  Although it's so big right now that it doesn't look like any was taken off...)

Adapted from Cooking Light
Veggies: carrots and onions
Stuff: quinoa, lentils
Seasonings: veggie chicken bouillon, liquid smoke, nooch, a bit of soy sauce, paprika, and more fresh oregano than I care to talk about (I was plucking that stuff off the stem for a good 10 minutes!)
Finished with a corn starch slurry and seitan.

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