What's Up Wednesday #4

Chocolate Covered Katie's granola bars - dipped in my strawberry sauce (the picture, however, is just jam)!  (Used sugar free maple syrup, added cinnamon, and all applesauce, comes to ~800 calories for the whole recipe)

Spent waaaay to much time watching Gurren Lagann

Better picture of ramen noodle soup ;)

Ohmygosh this article is so sobering: on yahoo.

I made chickpea flour in my Vitamix.  Oh, the NOISE killed me -_-

And then used it in this setian recipe to put in soup, baking at 350 instead of steaming, and omitting the anise and beef flavouring.  That seems to give it a better texture, in my opinion - less rubbery.

And I also made this setian, again baking it, omitting the oil, using 1 tbsp corn starch in place of the tapioca, and using water in place of the wine.  Really good in a sandwich!

Fresh corn on the cob!  First time in years I have tried corn.  My dad would eat corn with fish, so I always associated the two together.  However, the food pantry that I volunteer at got some fresh corn in - I'd say about 1000 ears.  I spent about 2 hours shucking that stuff last Friday... and I was like "I should try corn again!"  So I did a bit of homework, and found this nice little article on Fat Free Vegan.  Shuck the corn, bake at 350 for half an hour.  AMAZING!

Did you guys know that your body does not absorb the calories from fiber!?!?!  Yay!  You learn something new every day.  Here's a good article about it.

And, finally, I made a tasty salad dressing with the last dreggs of the pineapple juice.  First I boiled the juice for a few minutes to reduce it, and then blended that with tofu, fresh oregano, and fresh basil in my Vitamix.  Yum - great summer dressing!

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